A beautiful Moment

To anyone remotely alive to what is happening in British politics at the moment I say this.

“Savour this moment. Notice how you are starting to feel more hopeful about everything. Notice how all the nagging worries about the climate, our kid’s futures, the NHS, the street homeless – on the streets of every town in this land – are starting to ease a little.

Notice how good it feels to see an entitled, oafish, racist Prime Minister humbled by an audience of sharp, compassionate and well-informed Northerners. Personally, I will treasure this memory all my flippin’ life.

Notice how good it feels to point a finger at the Billionaires and to let them know that we demand at least as much as it takes to end poverty in our land and to give all our people the best that life can offer.

Notice how good it feels to know that we will immediately, from December 13th onwards, put the fossil fuel industry on notice. We are phasing you out!

Notice how people around you seem to be opening up a bit, that the bonds of friendship seem to be strengthening.

This is people power in formation.

We will make many mistakes and will need to learn much. But we are on our way to really taking back control, and it is beautiful.

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