Meet the Candidates – Labour Local and District Election Campaign 2019.

Labour for Frome are proud to announce their dedicated team of candidates for local elections on May 2nd. They have been out several times a week for months now,  knocking on doors, talking to people in their wards – and campaigning for a fairer Frome for all. Please give Labour and our excellent candidates your vote on May 2nd.

Sean Powell is standing for Labour in Park Ward on May 2nd

Sean Powell Park Ward Labour
Sean Powell Park ward

Sean Powell is standing for election in Park Ward in the District council election on May 2nd. Sean has lived in Frome most of his life and says, ” I want to give back to the town that has given me so much.’ He is specially interested in how your money is spent in Mendip and wants to give residents a greater say in how their Council Tax is spent – especially when it comes to transport, parking and planning. A vote for Sean is a vote for fairness, diligence and action.

Darcey Mellen is standing for Labour in  Park Ward on May 2nd

Darcey Mellen Park Ward Labour
Darcy Mellen Park ward

Darcey Mellen is 19 years old and is the youngest of our candidates by a country mile. She is standing in Park Ward. She’s lived in Frome for the past ten years and went to Frome College. She now works at the brilliant Raves From the Grave. Darcey says, “I want to give a voice to the under-represented under 25’s in Frome.’

Peter Mellen is standing for Labour in Park Ward on May 2nd

Pete Mellen Park Ward Frome
Pete Mellen Park ward

Pete Mellen is Darcey’s dad. He’s standing for Labour in Park Ward. Pete has also lived in Frome for ten years. He says,  “As a Community Payback Officer I see the impact of austerity at my work every day. The UK needs a change of government, so I’m starting from the grassroots up – standing for Town and District councils – to say no more austerity.”

Rosie Mitchell, standing for Labour in Market Ward on May 2nd

Rosie Mitchell Market Ward Labour
Rosie Mitchell Market ward

Rosie Mitchell grew up in Frome and moved back here three years ago. “Frome is a welcoming and vibrant town with a great sense of community, but those who’ve been here the longest often feel the least included and provided for. Frome must be a town for everyone. I want to focus on the provision of genuinely affordable social housing, campaign to combat rising parking charges, work for inclusion, mental health and well-being, improved recycling facilities and environmental policies.” Rosie is standing in Market Ward on May 2nd.

Marc Peel, standing for Labour in Market Ward on May 2nd

Marc Peel Market Ward Labour
Marc Peel Market ward

Marc Peel is a fifty three year old single father of three. He has lived in and around Frome for the past eighteen years and owns a small building and decorating business. He’s also a life-long Labour supporter. Marc says, “I’m determined to help the community by standing up for local people and small businesses in the face of corporate greed. The Labour Party is the only party that has the vision to bring about a fairer society and that’s why I’m standing in  Town and District elections in Market Ward on May 2nd.”

Billiy Almond is standing for Labour in Keyford Ward on May 2nd

Billiy Almond Keyford Ward Frome
Billiy Almond Keyford ward

Billiy Almond grew up in Liverpool and has lived in Frome for nineteen years. She says, “If we want to maintain a thriving town we must protect our future. I’ll campaign for Youth and Children’s services here in Frome. I will fight to keep the ‘Get Set’ centre in Keyford – it’s a vital service that makes sure all our children have the best start in life. I’m also concerned about lack of truly affordable housing, homelessness and rising car parking costs in our town. I will work for a sustainable Frome for all. We have a wonderful, vibrant community here and I want everyone to enjoy the benefits.’

Dave Clark is standing for Labour in Keyford Ward on May 2nd

Dave Clark Keyford Ward Labour
Dave Clark Keyford ward

Dave Clark is a local plumber and is the Chair of our local Labour Party here in Frome. He moved to the town in 2001 with his family and is leading the fight locally against the effects of Tory-imposed cuts to our vital local services. Dave says, “I believe Frome needs Labour representation to fight the devastation caused to peoples’ lives by Tory austerity.” Dave is standing in Keyford Ward for Town on May 2nd.

David Oakensen is a Labour candidate in Keyford Ward

David Oakenson Keyford Ward Labour
David Oakensen Keyford ward

David Oakensen is a Chartered Accountant and has lived in Frome for over twenty years.  He says, ” I’m an ex-Deputy Mayor and a former Labour councillor. My interest is in housing, and I have served for many years as a Trustee of housing charities.”

Briony Walley is standing in Innox Ward for Town Council on May 2nd

Briony Walley Innox Ward Labour
Briony Walley Innox ward

Briony Walley has lived in Frome for eighteen years and works at Frome Wholefoods and The Cheese and Grain. She is a campaigner for Frack Free Somerset and is involved in the local music scene as a member of the Songbirds choir. Briony says, “I’m standing as a Labour candidate for Innox because I believe that the Town Council would be improved by a Labour perspective.” Briony is also our local Labour Party Environment Officer, ” I have grave concerns about our future. We must do all that is necessary to reduce our impact on the planet – and fast! We need a sustainable Frome for all our children. I support Greta Thunberg’s School Strike’ environmental movement.”

Christine de Pulford is our local Labour candidate for College Ward on May 2nd

Christine de Pulford College Ward Labour
Christine de Pulford College ward

Christine de Pulford is our Labour candidate for College Ward. She says, “I have lived in Frome since 1980 and raised my children here. As a grandmother I am concerned about the future for our children and grandchildren as they face climate change, loss of biodiversity, an unsustainable top-heavy economy and the destruction of our social fabric by this Tory government. I believe that Labour under Jeremy Corbyn offers real hope for a fairer future for all as well as sustainable policies to remedy the threats to our beautiful planet. As your local councillor I would aim to ensure that residents’ views were heard and that the voice of College Ward represented.”

Christine is also our local Labour Party secretary – a role that she devotes much of her time to.

David Sibbald is our Labour candidate for Oakfield Ward on May 2nd

David Sibbald Oakfield Ward Labour
David Sibbald Oakfield ward

David Sibbald and his family have lived locally for most of their lives. He is particularly concerned about sustainability, tackling climate change and the environment. He says, “We are fighting for clean air for our children and our children’s children. Labour is offering substantial policies to tackle the environmental crisis we all face. I look forward to being able to translate these policies locally.” David and his family also benefited from the support of the Sure Start children’s service when his twins were young. He will be fighting for a fair start for all Frome families. David is standing in Oakfield Ward on May 2nd.

Melanie Moulding is standing for Labour in the  District and Parish elections in Coleford and Holcombe ward on May 2nd

Melanie Moulding Coleford and Holcombe Ward Labour
Melanie Goulding Coleford and Holcombe ward

Melanie Moulding has served as a District and Parish Councillor and as a Governor of Bishop Henderson School. Melanie says, “The people of Coleford and Holcombe need Labour representation on Mendip District Council. I have worked as a teacher and lecturer most of my life. I believe that the manifesto developed by Jeremy Corbyn needs to be implemented to give opportunities and hope to our damaged society.” Melanie is very aware that villages have been adversely affected differently to towns by Somerset cuts – rural poverty and isolation have been hidden. Melanie will campaign to give a voice to her rural community who often feel unheard.

Gary Chapman is standing for Labour in Coleford and Holcombe Ward on May 2nd.

Gary Chapman Coleford and Holecombe Ward Labour
Gary Chapman Coleford and Holcombe ward

Gary Chapman is a life long Labour supporter. He says, “I’ve worked for the NHS for over twenty years and have seen the damage done by this government nationally, and the impact on local services. I’ll be fighting against austerity and on local issues that I see here in Coleford – lack of affordable housing, lack of reliable public transport, cuts to health service, education and policing. I believe it is time to look after our community.”

Vote for Gary and Labour for strong local representation in Coleford and Holcombe on May 2nd.

Lucy Shapcott is standing for Labour in College Ward on May 2nd

Lucy Shapcott College Ward Labour
Lucy Shapcott College ward

I’m Lucy, I grew up locally and live in Frome with my partner and daughter.

I have always worked in the NHS, most of it on the “frontline” and have seen first hand the affects of austerity caused by our current Tory government.

I am passionate about social equity and believe that politics needs to be community based; I love Frome but recognise a need for inclusivity. Therefore I will be fighting against lack of affordable housing, cuts to children’s and social services, cuts to policing and against car parking charges, I will also strive to stand up for the town centre as a place for everyone.

My biggest passion is advocating for people and my aim is to represent you and ensure your views are heard.

The following candidates are representing Labour in Frome and in Mendip villages:

Frome Berkley Down:

Julia Wellard

Kate Preston

Frome Highpoint:

Pascale Gilet

Pennards and Ditcheat:

Robert Mackie

Butleigh and Baltonsborough:

Jackie Llewellyn

Rode and Norton St. Philip:

Pascale Gilet

Frome Town (and District) Council Candidates May 2nd 2019

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