Call for people of Somerset to join protest at County Hall as County Council approaches meltdown

Protest! Please come – show up and show support! All welcome!
Joint Trade Union Lobby of the County Council:
Outside Shire Hall, Taunton; 8.45am Wednesday 17th October 2018.
At a recent meeting of Unite the Union Community activists from all over Somerset, the clear call was made to all Somerset people, not just SCC workers and those most affected by the latest cuts, to mount the largest possible lobby of County Councillors on 17th October.
A Unite Community spokesperson said:
” As our County Council approaches meltdown, it is more than ever necessary that Somerset people power mobilises to ensure that employees and our most vulnerable, including children and the disabled, do not pay the price for this government’s deliberate starvation of local councils.
As the government support grant reaches ZERO over the next two years, there is no way that even an enhanced council tax plus business rate can fill the funding gap.
SCC admit that even their £13 million cut in services for 2018 will not be enough: they are quoting “Another £2 million for 2019, but that might need to be raised.”!!
For services to survive this onslaught there must be protests and sustained protests.
Unite Community will support all actions taken by County Council unions to protect staff jobs, pay and conditions.
How, in all honestly, can an essential service like “Get Set” be cut at all? It should be expanded!
However, as a Community Union Branch, we also have a special responsibility towards the service users, especially those who will suffer most.
Even if a radical change of government and government council finances is the only long-term solution, in the short term, resistance to this Conservative County Council’s very own austerity programme should be the order of the day.”
The joint trade union lobby of the County Council, supported by Somerset’s trades union councils, takes place outside Shire Hall from 8.45am, Wednesday 17th October.
For further information please contact Dave Chapple on 07707 869 144

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