Frome’s Big NHS 70th Birthday Party

fullsizeoutput_1f0aThe bunting was up, the cakes had cherries on the top and the sun shone as tea poured into vintage cups and saucers. Oh, what a lovely tea party Frome Labour had to celebrate seventy years of our wonderful NHS in the Market Yard here in the heart of town.


In spite of the party atmosphere there were serious matters to be addressed under the gazebos. Our NHS has never been in more danger from the vultures circling overhead, looking for easy pickings. Never before have we so urgently needed to sit down over tea and cake and talk about how to take our precious NHS firmly back into public ownership and strike out the 2012 Lack of Care Act that opened the flood gates to those looking to make vast profits from a healthcare system that was created for all of us by a man with a vision. That men with a predatory eye for the price of everything and contempt for the value of the health of our nation now threaten all that the NHS stands for is a matter that needs our fiercest attention…


Thanks to all who made this such a wonderful celebration, cooked amazing cakes, poured  tea, set beautiful tables and made everyone welcome – here’s to you! Thanks also to everyone who came to sit and chat with us, everyone who put money in our Fair Frome bucket and all those who signed our giant ‘Get Well Soon, NHS’ card. Here’s to the next seventy years of Nye Bevan’s deeply human vision of healthcare for all…


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